Have we seen an end of books?

The failure of Borders Books has many book lovers worried about the future, but, experts say books and bookstores aren't going anywhere.{}{}

Once upon a time, all books had pages and were only bought in stores. Today, we read things called Kindles or Nooks, and books are downloaded anywhere any time.

John McClure runs a publishing company{}from a spare bedroom. He use to go to Borders, then saw the writing on the wall, and gave up his job to begin{}publishing.{}

So far, he has published 200 electronic books and has seen his business double each year.

"I think publishing is undergoing a huge change. Not unlike the whole record industry, with downloadable music," says McClure.

So is it the end of paper books? McClure says no, not even close.

"Just in the last 3 years it's literally come to about this point where ebook sales are about on par with the paperback sales," he says.

Marketing research expert Britt Beemer agrees. He points out only 11% of consumers say they would buy an e-reader.

"So you still have 90% of Americans that are still going to buy a book," says Beemer.

Beemer says it would be wrong to think Borders went bust because book stores are obsolete.{}"You can't look at Borders to me as a failure of the book industry. You have to look at Borders as a failure of a retail concept," says Beemer.

So if Border's got it wrong, then B & L Books would seem to have got it right.

Jan Packwood has 38,000 books and 4,000 loyal customers. Her daughter, Dena, manages the place.

"Well we're here, we're here to stay," she says.

So far they've been in business 24 years and despite all the changes in the book business, their readers keep coming back. Packwood says their secret is something you can't download.

"Customer service," says Packwood, "being able to build report with them, knowing what they read and also our customers go way back as far as they've grown up in the store. When they were children their mother brought them in and then they come back and bring their children and it's sort of family like."

Borders bookstores will be liquidating assets this weekend after the company failed to find a buyer.