HS football team forfeits game after hazing incidents

MAUMELLE (KATV)--The 9th grade Maumelle High School football team will forfeit their remaining game of the season, after two incidents of hazing led school officials to take action.

School officials said the hazing happened in the boys locker room last week.

There were also previous warnings given that this behavior must stop, and that was prior to last weeks' incidents.

Officials wouldn't go into detail of what the hazing consisted of.

However, they say they found video of one of the hazing incidents on a student's phone.

It was being circulated from phone to phone.

As far as the school knows, the video never made it on to social media sites.

The investigation revealed that although only a few athletes were physically involved in the incident, the majority of the team stood as spectators.

None of the athletes reported the incidents either.

All this caused the school to forfeit the last remaining game of the season for the 9th grade football team.

The unofficial Maumelle High School Facebook page has hundreds of comments from parents in support of the school's decision.{}

One parent posted:

"Thank you for telling this whole team it is not ok to stand by and watch others be abused and do nothing! If more kids learned this valuable lesson, bullying would not be the problem it is in our society."

A statement was made by the principal, she said their mission is to provide a safe and caring environment for all students and hazing is not tolerated.

Officials did tell Channel 7, some personnel are being disciplined because of the hazing.