Healthcare exchange deadline extended

(KATV)-The Obama Administration announced a delay in the Monday sign-up deadline in order to receive insurance through the federal healthcare exchange beginning Jan. 1. It was extended to Tuesday at midnight.

At the Little Rock Library there was a last minute push to sign up for insurance, with two in-person assisters on hand. But both assisters said there many problems challenging their efforts today.

Danielle Evans, an assister at the library told Channel 7 News that it took her two hours to sign up one person on the exchange today. She was unable to get the federal web site to work and finally moved to enrollment by phone, but was faced with long wait times before even starting the enrollment process.

"I can't access the web site now and so we've been doing the call center. The estimated wait time has been about 20 minutes but for everybody we've waited about 40 minutes to even fill out the application by phone," Evans said.

Evans said she would stay late to help people if they needed it.

"I just don't want the people to leave without getting help, you know. So I try to do everything I can to assure them that it may be long but we're going to get you some coverage some type of way," Evans said.

Arkansas Insurance Commissioner Jay Bradford says calls have increased within the last week and people should try to finish enrollment as soon as possible.

"Anybody that gets their application in and issued will be able to sleep better that night because they'll know that if tragedy strikes them, they'll have the insurance that will carry them through that," Bradford said.