Cajun Injector Can't-be-Beat BBQ Mesquite Healthy Burgers, 11/17/2011

Cajun Injector Can't-be-Beat BBQ Mesquite Healthy Burgers



Prep Time:10 Minutes Cook Time:8-10 Minutes Yield:12-4oz servings

Ingredients: 1lb ground beef round (85% lean) 2lbs ground turkey 2- Eggs 1- 16oz. jar Cajun Injector BBQ Mesquite Marinade** **(Cajun Injector, America's best selling injectable marinade, is flavorful seasonings of fresh natural ingredients slow-cooked specifically to be injected and to permeate inside meat instantaneously.{} This saves the worry of health risks associated with marinating meat too long externally.){}{}

1- Tablespoon Cajun Shake or salt & pepper 1- Cup Bread Crumbs

Preparation: Delicately mix all ingredients together being careful not to overwork the meat (too much mixing will cause the meat to become denser and tough). Form the meat into twelve 4oz. patties or 6 half pound patties as thick as possible; press a dimple into the center of each patty, place in refrigerator for at least an hour before cooking. Sear patties over medium/high heat, moving to a cooler part of the grill after searing (2-3 minutes each side). Cook patties for about 8-10 minutes total or until patty internal temperature reaches 165 F. Hint: Limit Flipping burgers and never press down on the burger with a spatula.

Place on your favorite bun and dress as you like it.{} But watch out!{} The smell will attract others and you will not run out of friends!{} Bring plenty.

Leo Honeycutt

Cajun Injector