Manslaughter charges dropped against LR ex-officer

A judge has dismissed manslaughter charges filed against a Little Rock police officer who was set to go to trial for the third time in the shooting death of a teenager.{}{} {}Pulaski County Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen granted the prosecutors' request Monday to drop charges against Josh Hastings. In a motion, the prosecution said it made the request "based on its good faith belief that it cannot obtain a conviction" against Hastings.{}{} {}Hastings was charged in the 2012 shooting death of Bobby Moore III. Two previous trials ended with hung juries, and Hastings had been set for a third trial in May.

After the charges were dismissed this morning, Bobby Moore's sister Deazzaray Perkins was emotional when saying "My little brother was 15, he didn't have a gun, he was not going toward this man. Why is it so hard for (Hastings) to get locked up?"

Defense attorney Bill James released a statement after the dismissed charges saying in part, "There are no winners in this case." The next step for Hastings is to scheduling a hearing to get Hastings' his job back with the civil service commission.

Hastings says a car driven by Moore was moving toward him when he opened fire. Prosecutors allege Hastings acted recklessly when he shot Moore.


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