Heavy rains flood crop lands and surround homes

MONROE/ST.FRANCIS COUNTIES (KATV)--Flood water as high as 12 inches in parts of northeast and eastern Arkansas and it has damaged thousands of acres of farmland. Local farmers say it's too late in the season to try to re-plant.

More than 1,500 acres are sitting under water and that's just one farmer's story. Tyrone Nash said, everyone in this area was affected with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of crops lost.

More than 8 inches of rain fell across parts of the state over the weekend, but the most damage is being felt in St. Francis and Monroe counties, where thousands of acres of farmland still sit underwater.

"It's terrible, it's the worst that I've ever seen, 12 1/4 inches is really too much," said Farmer Tyrone Nash.

Nash farms 3,600 acres in the Wheatley area, but nearly half of his rice and soybean fields are flooded and could be a total lost.

"Just depends on how long it takes, 10 days at the fastest and I don't believe that I'll ever get it back planted," said Nash.

Over in Brinkley, some homes are surrounded by water including Joe Cummings' home who has to get wet in order to leave.

"There's no way you can pump the water out if it's coming the only thing you can do is just let it come, and pick your furniture up and put it on blocks," said Cummings. "Got a big stack of cinder blocks that we keep up here."

With the 4th of July around the corner, residents in this area will have to seek fireworks elsewhere this year.

"We had to move the fireworks stand and it was pretty hectic there for a minute, there was thousands of dollars worth of fireworks being ruined so it's been an experience this time," added Cummings.

The American Red Cross has also set up teams across these hard hit counties to provide clean up kits to those in need.