Heifer International, Celebration of living gifts

(KATV) Children had theopportunity to learn about Heifer International's mission to end hunger

by playing games andvisiting with animals from the Heifer ranch in Perryville.

Heifer International'sCelebration of Living gifts included craft activities, winter beverages andopportunities to give Heifer animal gifts.

Director Tracey Chessersays "They can learn in a fun way what these animals and other thingsHeifer provides can make an impact around the world."

Heifer International says Saturdaywas a great chance to teach children about people and animals all over theworld and about the real meaning of the holidays caring for others.

Heifer isleading non-profits in the digital world. The organization is the firstnonprofit to create a magazine tablet app. You can read "World-Ark"for free on your ipad or android tablet. I addition to being a magazine, thequarterly publication is also a catalog. The digital interface allows readersto easily browse and shop at the same time.

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