Helena-West Helena launches pop-up restaurant downtown

HELENA-WEST HELENA (KATV) - It's something a lot of major cities do - a pop-up restaurant, where chefs take a random space and make it into a restaurant.{} The city of Helena-West Helena is on the up and up too. On Saturday, in coordination with the city's "Second Saturday's" event, the Helena A&P Commission launched Interstate Grocery.{} It was a casual fine dining experience that was only there for that Saturday night. The menu consisted of spruced up Delta classics like tamales, duck and Magnolia Pie for dessert.{} It was certainly something different and exciting for the community that's currently without a fine dining establishment, and part of the reason the event was put on.{} They say they're ready for something other than soul food. "For us it's not just for tourists, it's for the people who live here, because on weekends we know that we're losing money to people who are going to Mississippi or Memphis for their date nights and we want to keep that money in Arkansas," said Julia Malinowski, director of the Helena A&P. Helena's pop-up restaurant was such a success that they actually sold out of reservations for the evening nearly a month in advance of the event.