Henderson State Univ. beefs up security after triple homicide

With three people dead and a killer still on the loose, a university in Arkadelphia is doing its best to keep students safe.

Henderson State University is located just a few miles away from a home where three people were murdered last night. Today the school informed students that they may notice more police officers on campus.

"It's such a small place to see a triple homicide it kind of bothers me," said Benny Theysen, a student at Henderson State University.

It's a concern some students at Henderson State have with a murder scene just a few miles away from campus and no arrest made.

"Of course you're going to feel threatened when it happens and no one gets caught I mean you're going to feel like it could happen to you," said Labroderick Barnett, also a student at HSU.

Earlier today the university notified students that it would increase campus security.

"We just want our students are their parents to know that they are safe and that we are watchful and vigilant and we're making certain that they are safe," said Dr. Lewis Shepherd, VP for Student and External Affairs.

And although there has been no threat to student so far, the university says it's better to be safe than sorry.

"We wanted to be proactive to make certain that our campus is safe until all of this is resolved," said Dr. Shepherd.

It's a step that most agree needs to be taken until the person responsible is arrested.

"It should be more done in a small town, I mean its stuff that happen like this everyday but you don't expect it from a small town," said Barnett.

The university is also asking students to do their part and make sure their doors are locked as well as report an suspicious activity.