High school coach in heat over racially charged Facebook post

It's a social media post causing quite the buzz around a south Arkansas town.

A high school coach made a racially charged post on Facebook, and some Warren social media users believe the teacher and coach took his freedom of speech a little too far.

Many believe teacher and assistant football coach, Matt Raper, was completely in the wrong for writing a racial slur in a post on Facebook. Meanwhile, the ones that know him say it was just a joke.

All remained quiet around the Warren High School campus Thursday afternoon, including administration we asked to speak with.

Most of the talking was on Facebook over a post which included a racial slur when referring to President Obama being reelected.

"They were really upset especially my mom, she really was," said Warren High School football player Jhamahl Bell.

"Everybody was just mad. A lot of parents were putting comments just being, I don't know what to say about it," added Junior teammate Odis Miller.

While the adults may be in an uproar over the comment, some of Raper's players look at in a different way.

"He's cool, that's like another dad to me," Miller said "I knew his son all my life, every since we were in preschool, so I didn't think about it. I just looked at it and laughed."

Members of the Warren team tell us Raper meant it as a sarcastic post, mocking those against President Obama. With subjects suggesting Arkansans weren't voting for Obama because of his race.

"He didn't really mean that. From what he tells us he's a Democrat and he's just saying how the other people feel that around him most of the time," Bell added.

Someone within the district told KATV today that Raper has been suspended for three days without pay, but they also believe this issue is far from over with its school board meeting set for Monday.