High School Transitions

A recent survey completed by The Partnership for a Drug-Free America reports that 73 percent of teenagers turn to drugs and alcohol to relieve stress at school. The report proves that keeping up with grades, friends, and schedules can all add up to a difficult time in High School for some teens. Pediatricians say the transition from Middle School to High School is a time of high anxiety for some kids. They say they see a lot of teens in the office suffering from headaches and stomach aches. The ailments are usually a by-product of their anxiety. To help their children gear up for High School, experts recommend a little extra reading the last several days before school begins. If your child is worried about fitting in, experts suggest finding a friend with an older child who has gone through the same transition. They also suggest finding ways for your teen to be involved in their school so they can make friends with kids that have similar interests. Child Psychologists say it is also an important time for parents to reassure their teens that most kids are feeling insecure. Parents should also make sure their schedules allow a lot of time for their kids to talk to them if they need to have that opportunity.