Highway Department talks widening Highway 10, adding lanes

The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department took another step in a possible effort to widen a large portion of Highway 10.

Development in west Little Rock is leading to quite the congestion for vehicles traveling along Highway 10. AHTD believes widening sections of this highway can improve such a hectic problem.

One of the sections surprisingly includes the most traveled non-interstate intersection in our state.

From Ferndale Cutoff Road to Pleasant Valley Drive AHTD presented a concluded study to widen the highway, and add lanes along that stretch as a way to improve the flow of vehicles.

"I get bad comments and honking horns from the cars, and I don't think it's a safe place to ride," said Highway 10 neighbor Janice Peters.

Peters gives us another outlook on how expanding the highway could play in favor to those who want to cycle to nearby trails.

"There are not sidewalks along the whole Highway 10 corridor and people cannot walk there as recreation," she said. "People who want to commute by bike have no ability to do so because they have to take their lives in their hands."

As far as vehicle traffic goes, adding lanes and a median could do more than solely help during rush hours.

"That will both efficiently and safely move traffic so that you don't have to cut across three-lanes of traffic just so you can get to the other side," said AHTD spokesperson Danny Straessle.

It would also add relief to what is arguably one of the busiest spots in all of Arkansas.

"Where highway 10 intersects with Rodney Parham, just in that general area, we have the most amount of traffic in that area for any non-interstate facility in the state," Straessle added.

This is just the first step in what is a gradual process as we've learned when it comes to improving or building new roadways.

Money has yet to be allotted for any work to Highway 10, and the transportation department expects more community forums coming out of this in the future.