IDriveArkansas: Tool for drivers to avoid traffic and construction zones

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - You don't have to drive a long distance in Arkansas to run into a construction zone and along with it bumper to bumper traffic. It's a headache the state highway department is hoping to relieve with a new program they recently unveiled.

"Extremely frustrating. There's no way off. I mean there's no way around it," said Karen Barch, an Arkansas resident.

You may have never met Barch, but you can bet you probably have at least one thing in common with her.

"You can get off and go to dinner and then shop and come back and still have the same thing," she said.

It's one thing that unites most drivers in Arkansas. Traffic is no one's best friend.

The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department recently rolled out a product that may change things a bit. It's called IDriveArkansas and they're hoping it'll become your best friend on the road.

"When you go to it, it will display all of the locations of the construction zones that we have in the state highway system," said Danny Straessle, spokesperson for AHTD.

The web site informs you of all the construction sites and traffic conditions on a state level plus weather conditions. It also shows rest stops and welcome centers.

"This is a know-before-you-go web site," said Straessle.

It'll soon have a see-before-you-go feature too.

"We are working to make the videos available from those cameras to the general public," he said.

Most of the features on IDriveArkansas aren't new. For example, other apps can also tell you about traffic and weather conditions but the highway department says there's one thing that sets them apart.

"What you won't find on a standard Google Maps traffic application is where those construction zones are located," said Straessle.

For drivers like Barch this and the other features can make all the difference in a long commute.

"I think that would be excellent," said Barch. "Something you can check right before you get in the car."

The department says traffic cams will be rolled out *early next year.

To visit the web site click here.