Hillary Clinton's Full Interview

(KATV)-Full transcript of Elicia Dover's interview with Hillary Clinton:

Elicia Dover: I want to ask you about the upcoming elections..the 2014 midterms. You recently said candidates should be running on the healthcare law, not running away from it. Mark Pryor might lose his seat for standing with the president on the issue, should he be promoting and running on the healthcare law? Hillary Clinton: Well, I am a big fan and friend of Senator Pryor. I've known him for many years. I served with him in the senate and I know he supported the very excited and unique approach that Arkansas took toward making it possible that more people in this state could get health insurance. I think that's the kind of partnership that speaks very well of the governor, the legislature and of Sen. Pryor. I care deeply about Arkansas and I know there are so many working people who get up every single day and who work really hard in this state who did not have access to healthcare until the affordable health care was passed and until Arkansas came up a uniquely exciting solution on how to do it, so I think that Arkansas is showing the way. I would predict to you that in 3 to 5 years people are going to look and say boy, Arkansas was a ahead of the curve. and I give all of the elected officials big credit for that. Elicia Dover: A GOP leader recently said some violent remarks about you, which I'm sure you heard. He also said Arkansas doesn't have any affection for you and do you think that's true? Hillary Clinton: Well I don't know this gentleman and I was very appreciative of the Republican leadership taking quick action to basically say those kind of comments are out of bounds. We can have disagreements politically and of course we will. That's healthy for our democracy. But there's a limit, there's a line that shouldn't be crossed and all I know is that I love Arkansas and I always feel very welcomed here and I'm excited every time I get to come back. Elicia Dover: On this book tour you've been traveling around the country. There are reports sales have dropped in the second week. Is this a litmus test for you running for president? Hillary Clinton: Oh I don't think so because this is my fourth book and I know there's a lot of excitement at the beginning and then there's a steady outreach to sale the book and many people continue to buy it. I'm thrilled that I'm the number one selling non-fiction book in America. But what's more important to me is that people buy this book to read about America in the world. That's really why I wrote it. I didn't write it for any other purpose. I wanted to explain what I did for four years and what the hard choices were because I really think America matters to the world and the world matters to America and I want people in Arkansas and around our country to really think about that. Elicia Dover: And another hard choice you have possibly coming up, you said you want until the end of the year to decide whether or not to run for president. What do you think you have to figure out in the next six months? Hillary Clinton: Well, I want to do first of all is really enjoy becoming a grandmother. I don't want to be thinking about anything else except what's one of the most important events in my life and certainly in my daughter's life and I want to be as supportive as I can and I don't want to be looking beyond that. Also we have an important election in November coming up here and around the country. I think people should be focused on who's running in those elections and get out to vote for the people you think will do the best job . Then I will really start to consider the plusses and the minuses and make a decision, but I'm not ready to do that now. Elicia Dover: And speaking of being a grandmother, I'm sure you're excited. Do you think you're going to look into that baby's eyes and say, nope. not going to do it. I want to be a grandmother. Hillary Clinton: Well I don't know until I meet him or her. And that's what I want to do. I want to just feel the whole experience. I've been very fortunate in supporting my husband and certainly other people who have run for office. I've run myself and I've won and I lost when I ran for president. Hillary Clinton: I know how all consuming it is. I don't want to be distracted. I want to get to know this baby. I want to be there for my daughter and her husband. and you can't do that if you've already made some decision that's going to take you away. So appreciate everyone's interest, but I'm going to do this in the way that's not only right for me, but right for the country. We don't need these marathon elections. We need to be focused on the work at hand and make the hard choices for our country. So that's what I hope happens. Elicia Dover: You very well could become the first woman president. Do you feel some pressure from women though because you really could accomplish that. Do you feel you owe it to women? Hillary Clinton: Well I feel a lot of enthusiasm. I've certainly seen that on display as I've traveled around the country. So many people of the many of thousands who have come to buy books and see me who mention it and I'm deeply honored. And I know that will be part of what I take into account when I finally make a decision.