History Of The Plumbing Warehouse

Since the early 1900's, the people of The Plumbing Warehouse / LCR have worked to provide the very best products and service in the marketplace. This new web site represents our continued commitment to that mission.We are a Distributor of top quality plumbing products for residential, commercial and industrial construction, with locations in Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi. Most of these locations offer showrooms that display a wide range of unique plumbing product for the consuming public.We realize that you have a choice when it comes to making a purchase. To remain a cut above, we must be different. The difference is our trained and experienced personnel with an unconditional commitment to the customer before, during, and after the sale. We believe that competent, service-oriented salespeople, backed by a responsive inventory and topflight technology, are the key to successful distribution, and providing these tools to our customers every day is our goal at The Plumbing Warehouse / LCR. Since 1912, we have practiced the belief of customer service, evidenced by the history below. 1912 - Ray T. Craft and L. C. Rushworth, having been associated as partners since 1908, incorporated their contracting business in Lake Charles, Louisiana, under the name Craft-Rushworth, Ltd. 1921 - Rushworth moves to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to supervise plumbing and mechanical work on the Baton Rouge Junior High School. This job represents the firm's largest undertaking to date. 1927 - Sam L. Levingston joins the firm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as the supply business begins to take shape. The contracting work is gradually phased out in the Baton Rouge area, and the emphasis is placed on supplying plumbing and mechanical products. 1929 - Levingston, Craft, and Rushworth organize a new business in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, under the name Levingston Supply Company, Inc. Craft-Rushworth, Ltd., continues contracting in the Lake Charles, Louisiana, area. 1945 - The companies successfully navigate through World War II, despite severe material and labor shortages. 1961 - The business makes the transition from contracting to supply under two separate incorporated businesses: Levingston Supply Company, Inc and Craft-Rushworth, Ltd.1967 - The management and operations of Levingston Supply Company, Inc., and Craft-Rushworth, Ltd. begin a process toward merger. 1970 - Levingston Supply Company, Inc. is merged into Craft-Rushworth, Ltd., and the name of the surviving firm is changed to LCR Corporation. The new name is derived from combining the first letter of the last name of the three original partners. J. D. Lyle is president of the combined companies. 1995 - LCR Corporation becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Edmundson International, Inc. (EII). 1997 - The surviving corporate entity is renamed LCR-M Corporation. The new name is derived from combining the first letter of the last name of the three original partners and the first letter of the last name of the founder of Moore Supply Company. The new corporation begins operating as three Divisions: Moore Supply Company, The Plumbing Warehouse/LCR, and Your "Other" Warehouse. 2000 - LCR-M Corporation's 52 traditional profit centers and sister company, Hajoca Corporation's 205 traditional profit centers together provide outstanding service to their customers and suppliers, as well as career and financial opportunities to their associates. 2001 - The Your "Other" Warehouse Division is sold to Home Depot, which allows LCR-M Corporation to return the concentration of its resources to its traditional plumbing supply business.2008 - The Plumbing Warehouse reveils the most superlative showrooms in the market offering unmatched quality in service and products.