Hit and run victim speaks out while investigation ensues

After suffering major injuries from a hit-and-run over the weekend a Pine Bluff man's fight to live has ended.

Police tell us 20-year-old Jonathan Haney was struck by a SUV over the weekend and Monday Haney died at a Little Rock hospital.

Haney and friend Erick Green weren't too far from the home they were walking to when life changed forever. Police are now piecing together shards of plastic in hopes to solving the case.

Green walked with our cameras near the same street where life flashed before his eyes Friday night. He came away with a minor scratch.

"It's been hard because I had to go up there and see my homeboy laid in the bed like that. I just ain't use to something being that close to me like that," Green said.

Spray paint on the pavement marks the spot where the incident occurred and Green told us the vehicle actually crossed the entire road before striking he and Haney.

"I was in the left lane when I turned on (6th Street). In the left lane, the car should've been in the right lane."

Pine Bluff police still have no leads or tips in the case, but thanks to evidence collected they've been able to determine what kind of vehicle was driven.

"Someone that was operating a dark-colored Nissan SUV in Pine Bluff on Friday night that may now have some damage it did not have on Friday," said Captain Greg Shapiro.

"I just want to find the person who did this to my homeboy. Turn their self in or something," Green added.

To help with their investigation PBPD is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case.

Police add whoever was behind the wheel that night faces charges of battery, leaving the scene of an accident and negligent homicide.