Hog back under center rejuvenates fans

Thursday saw a rejuvenated Arkansas Razorback fan base when news came that quarterback Tyler Wilson had been medically cleared to get back on the field.

Wilson sat out a game and a half because of post concussion symptoms, both of which the Razorbacks lost in a disheartening fashion.

Many Hog fans hit a new low this week after the team's largest home loss since the 40's and the first time Arkansas has lost consecutive games since 2009.

Now that the leader of their team is back, some chins are held a little higher.

"You're talking with Tyler or without Tyler. How many points do you feel better, and how much better do you think this team will play having Tyler Wilson back," Randy Rainwater of Drivetime Sports asked a caller on his radio show.

That's the question Razorback fans have after seeing how this team played in the six quarters without their All-SEC athlete.

"Well he is a strong leader, he has a good following and the guys listen to him. If he can get back on the field I think just his presence there will mean a lot," said Little Rock resident Nick Cox.

"We have to see how everything is going to play out especially as far as the concussion and if he's okay to play and if he's up to part to play," added Kandace Harper of Little Rock.

It has been a trying 11 days for many Arkansans waiting on No. 8 to get his feet back on the turf.

"Hopefully now we'll get back on a winning streak and we can put this all behind us," Cox added.

"Nobody even wants to mention the Razorbacks right now, it's so horrible right now," Harper said. "They're kind of rooting for him to come back but we're still unsure if he can even bring us back because the last two games."

Following a loss to a #1 ranked team all-time, the Hogs are 7-9.

The good news of that statistic is they've won the last two in the just the last two years

In 2011, Arkansas defeated Kansas State after losing to LSU, and again in 2010. beating Texas A&M after falling to number one Alabama.