Hog fans suffering from "anticipointment"

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - If thinking about the "not-so-great" moments for the Razorbacks this year makes you a little depressed, you're not alone.

"I think the whole state was really anticipating a football team that was going to be capable of going to a national championship. And so I think they're having a tough time with all those high expectations, seeing what the reality is," said Little Rock therapist Rebecca Ward.

And many fans would describe that reality as devastating.

"Yeah I'm embarrassed. I'm hurt. I'm devastated. There's many words I could give you," said a fan calling into the Drive Time crew at 103.7 the Buzz.

And Ward says every fan gets a little depressed when their team loses.

"We get this deep emotional investment in this team. We have some identification with them," said Ward.

Which is why Ward says it's healthy to remember that for most of the fans it is just a game. And to keep that in perspective while cheering on your favorite team.

"Recognize that this was a very intense experience yes. But this isn't the real world. And while we're proud of our team and we try to support them win or lose, it's still theirs. They're going to have to deal with it and they're going to have to be the ones that practice more and deal with the mistakes they made and it's not really us," said Ward.