Hog farm's proximity to river concerns residents

A pig farm just miles from the Buffalo River has several concerned about waste contaminating the river but the farmer says there's no reason to be worried.

Jason Henson says C and H Hog Farms are five road miles from the Buffalo River.

On Wednesday, a meeting will be held at the Carroll Electric Building in Jasper.

A farm bureau specialist confirms there's no reason for anyone to worry about contamination from manure because the farm has their own well and any contamination of water would impact them first.

Henson hopes the meeting will help the public see they're going above and beyond government regulations.

"We have emotions about it also and we can see their point of view also. I mean we want to protect the buffalo river as much as anybody, but I guess on our behalf, we can't really understand why they think we have intentions of polluting the buffalo river," said Henson.

Henson said his fields are all organic and are being very tightly regulated to find out how much manure they can use.