Hog Game Parking Warning


The Razorbacks have an opportunity to win their first SEC game this Saturday.

But the Hogs won't be the only opportunists in Little Rock.

Parking will be at a premium around War Memorial Stadium on game day.

And some scam artists know it.

"In my yard I can get...six here..." says Brenda Weese pointing to her front yard.

For over 50 years, game day has meant pay day for Weese and her family. They own property just a couple blocks from War Memorial Stadium.

"I've been doing this...actually I was five...but we started really parking when I was seven," says Weese. "My mother died in '03 and she taught me how to park 'em. And she enjoyed that so I just...took on the tradition."

But it's more than just tradition that motivates Brenda.

If she parks her cars right...the cash haul for her prime spots can easily top $400.00.

But not everybody waving people in have a connection to the property they are advertising.

"She directed us to pull right in to the spot right here," explains Ricky Hughes.

Hughes and his wife Myra traveled up from Clark County for the Razorback game in Little Rock on September 7th.

After the game, their vehicle was gone.

"Some young men were standing across the street and came over and said, you know, you folks I'm afraid you have been scammed," recalls Randy Hughes. "I've been telling other people as well, you know, that your cars have been towed."

The Hughes' vehicle was one of more than a dozen towed to the city impound lot during the last Razorback game.

"It was $274 to get it out of impound and a $30 parking ticket to the city," says Myra Hughes.

"So it was an expensive game day."

"It was...expensive game day," says Myra Hughes.

Two ideas to protect yourself...ask to see the I.D. of the person taking your money. Or ask if you can take their picture with your smart phone.

If they refuse both requests...park somewhere else.

Air date: November 20th, 2012