Home Alone

Summertime can definitely pose scheduling problems with parents who work.{} Many parents opt for leaving their children home alone when they can't find childcare.{} If both parents work, some parents decide, at an earlier age than others, that kids are safe being home alone.{} Doctors say if a child{}is sick or{}younger than 10 years old it is not a good idea to leave kids home alone.{} If a child is older than 10, and responsible, doctors say you can run through a checklist of things the children can or cannot do while they are home alone.{} Things like, can they answer the phone or not, can they answer the door, or not, can they cook something, etc.{} Also many parents feel more comfortable leaving their child at home alone when the house is locked and the alarm is set.{} When a child is sick, experts say it is better to find a babysitter or stay home with the child.{} Many states and cities require children to be at least 12 years of age before they're left home alone.{}