Home invasions strike Hillcrest area

It's a popular residential area of Little Rock, but over the weekend it was heavily trafficked by criminals.

Two home invasions in a matter of two days struck the Hillcrest region of the capital city.

In two separate, but very similar crimes in the last four days, a group of men rush inside two different homes in Hillcrest holding women at gunpoint, and taking everything they could get their hands on.

It's typically a nice and peaceful place where many Little Rock residents enjoy living and relaxing, but all it takes is a couple of uncommon home invasions to put neighbors on edge.

"I think there has been some concern. Obviously people are talking, writing on Facebook that there has been several publicly known break-ins here locally," said Hillcrest resident Justin Harris.

"You can't not be concerned when this is your neighborhood where you come home to sleep every night."

It was on the front porch of a North Palm Street home where a woman was reading her Kindle, when suddenly a man walked up and pointed a gun at her. Then, he forced her inside the home.

Other men then ran into her home, stealing several things including thousands in jewelry. Little did Harris know, but it was right next door to his home.

"When you find out it's in the house next to yours, and it's literally in your own backyard. It absolutely becomes more concerning, and you actually have to think twice now," Harris added.

Two days before this incident, and just a few miles away on Oakwood Road three men broke into a home. The group awoke the home owner, and held her at gunpoint as they stole an array of TVs, iPhones, other electronics and an array of jewelry.

Harris believes some un welcomed foot traffic could be leading to this unwanted activity.

"I've noticed individuals that are once again because of the nature of the economy, looking for day labor work," he added.

Still no arrests have been made on either of these home invasions.

Both victims' descriptions were very similar. In the one that happened Thursday none of the men were even wearing masks, and they called each other by name.