Homecoming Queen surprised by MedFlight crew

CARLISLE (KATV) - The Junior High kids at Carlisle quickly scarfed down their lunches Thursday.
It's homecoming and excitement is running high, not because of the ceremony this evening, but because of the surprise 15-year-old homecoming queen Madison Bowlan is going to get just a few minutes into her lunch period.
Two years ago, an ATV accident took Madison's leg and almost took her life, but this teen won't let anything slow her down.
"She's gotten even better as a person. It made her stronger," said Gray, the homecoming captain.
Each step Madison takes makes her mom, Beth, proud.
"She has come a long ways. She's never given up. She's never seconded it. She's always strived for something better. I'm proud of her. She didn't let this handicap bring her down," said Beth Bowlan.
Madison is an inspiration not only to her classmates, but also the MedFlight crew that saved her life. As she waited outside, the sight of the chopper brought back those tough memories. The flight team kept tabs on Madison and flew in to congratulate her. The reunion brought Madison's family to tears. They haven't seen the pilot or nurse Cathee Terrell since the accident
"To see them come back for the second time, and it was something good instead of something bad. It was wonderful. It was a wonderful feeling," said Beth Bowlan.
"For the most part, a lot of our patients, we don't get to see the final outcome or get to come back and meet them and see how well they're doing, and to be a part of her special day just means the world to us," said flight nurse Cathee Terrell.
"I just want to thank them so much for what they've done. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be here today," said Madison.
It was a surprise fit for a queen, especially this homecoming queen so deserving of good.
"I look at it as a good thing because if that hadn't happened in my life, I wouldn't be the person I am now," said Madison.