Homemade Hot Flash Wipes, 8/22/14

Dee Dee Helbig

Ava Bella Day Spa What you'll need: A roll of Viva paper towelsA container to put the wipes in- with a lid2 cups of warm waterEssential oils- peppermint, clary sage, bergamot, fennel, ( choice one or all)What you'll do:Fold the paper towels to fit into your container. Take the water and mix with 10-15 drops of the essential oilPour over the paper towels. SealThat's it! Take them with you and whenever you have a hot flash- take one of your wipes and rub your neck and arms. Also your wrists. These hot flash wipes will cool you down. If you didn't want to make your wipes- you can buy baby wipes. Make sure they are for sensitive skin and do not contain a bunch of chemicals. Take your essential oils and apply to the wipes. Done. If you didn't want to bring your entire batch- take out a few and put them in a ziplock bag. This will fit nicely in your purse. You can use them whenever you start to heat up! Bonus- you burn an average of 50 calories during a hot flash. Depending on how long it lasts.