Homework First

The homework battles may already be taking place in your home. Experts say a new school year gives families a great opportunity to start some good homework habits. Most experts say starting homework as soon as children get home from school or after school activities is the best approach. New research from the University of Michigan reports that students who understand how adult earnings are related to education spend more time on schoolwork. They see homework as an investment in their future, not just a chore. Experts also recommend making homework the child's responsibility, not the parents. It's a kind of freedom that teaches kids to handle their own school success or failure. Bottom line, its important for parents to promote the value of education. And, when your child is finished with their homework, it is ok to check their work and ask questions. If you still have problems getting your child motivated to do their homework without a struggle, finding a third party to help with homework can be a solution. Having a relative or a friend help your child with their homework on a regular basis can be the best fit for everyone.