Reprimand for Jacksonville Contractor


A Jacksonville mom was on the hot seat Wednesday, called before a board and quizzed about her role in helping her son secure a contractor's license.

Joy Kinman is a contractor herself.

She took over her husband's business, Dave Kinman Construction, following his death.

There are no complaints at the Licensing Board about her company. But there is some concern over her signature.

When providing for a reference on a contractor's license application, the first question is: are you related to the applicant?

If the answer is "yes," you are told to STOP!!! in bold letters...followed by three exclamation points.

When Joy Kinman vouched for 23 year-old Robert "Drew" Walker's application, she checked "No"...that she was not a relative of Walker. Walker's mother.

"I obviously made an error on a form that I did in January of '08," Kinman told board members tasked with deciding whether or not to renew her contractors license.

Kinman also boasted on the application that her young son had "start to finish experience building appx. 100 homes" worth anywhere from "$250,000.00 to $3,000,000.00."

"It was this reference that made it a no-brainer to give him a license...assuming it had been true," Greg Crow with the Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board told board members. Crow argued that what Kinman did for her son amounts to fraud.

Years later Walker's former business partner Marcus Dupree would use the license and contract to build a home for an 89 year-old widow.

The job did not go well.

"I don't know where she got Mr. Dupree's name," said Keith Vaughan, the Jacksonville attorney representing Ms. Kinman at the hearing. "I don't know why. But it's a shame."

"Ms. Kinman told the board that it was an error. A simple mistake."

"Well it's a simple lie," replied Madison. "That's all I got to say. And everybody has to answer for lying. If they don't answer to me they'll answer to the God Almighty."

The board ultimately voted in favor of renewing the license for Kinman Construction and just add a letter of reprimand to the company's file.

Air date: October 23rd, 2013