Horace Mann students dance, play instruments and perform in new fine arts wing

At Horace Mann Middle Schoolstudents are learning, but not always from behind a desk.

This Little Rock magnetschool focuses on the arts and sciences. The school Tuesday opened anddedicated a new $4.3 million fine arts wing.

The new 11,614 square footexpansion is home to two dance studios with dressing rooms, piano lab, bandroom with storage for instruments, orchestra room with storage for instruments andrecital hall.

Principal Patricia Boykin saidthis new wing was desperately needed because of problems with the old one.

"It flooded all the time. Soevery time there was big rain we dreaded it because we knew the next day therooms would be flooded."

Boykin hopes this new wingwill help recruit kids who are interested in the fine arts. Students from all three local districtsattend Horace Mann Middle School.