Horse Drop Dilemma


There are more than 1,000 race horses at Oaklawn right now.

And they produce a lot more than thrilling victories.

When the paddocks are cleaned, all that waste has to go somewhere.

Which has left one group of homeowners just south of Hot Springs crying...and smelling...foul.

They're steaming mad about the steaming piles of horse dung that has been delivered and dumped within 30 feet of their backdoors.

"It's awful," says Sandy Fletcher. "It's like being in a barn. It just permeated my entire house."

The mounds of manure aren't offensive to all.

In fact they were requested and were going to be used to help produce....well, produce.

But because of complaints, Oaklawn Park is hauling it all away.

"I hope the people are happy that Oaklawn is moving it," says Kim Bishop, the business owner who planned to use the manure to help farm three acres on her family's property. "It's going out to Red Oak somewhere. It's sad that we can't use it for our gardening this year."

"I called everybody else I knew too and my neighbors had called the EPA," says Fletcher. "And everybody said there was nothing we could do, so...that's why I called you. Thank you."

This horse manure was being delivered just south of the Hot Springs city limits on Highway 7.

A spokesperson for Oaklawn Park says that while most of the waste is used for agricultural purposes, most is also delivered to much more rural locations.

Air date: January 17th, 2014