"Hot Dog Mike" leaving Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A popular food vendor is leaving Little Rock.

After serving foodies in the capitol city for six years, "Hot Dog Mike" announced on his blog Monday that he is moving back to New Jersey. A portion of the blog post is copied below. Click here to read it in its entirety.


As 2013 is upon us I would like to announce my future plans to you.{}I will be leaving Little Rock and heading back to NJ at the end of January.{}This has been an extremely tough decision but it's finally is clear to me. I left NJ in 1997, arrived in Little Rock in 2007 and have come full circle. My original home is calling me. My father is retiring and I will be going back to take over the family business. I'm proud of my father for what he has been able to do over the years. He has kept his small business running through all of the doubt and economical woes. I admire that and will proudly attempt to continue on the legacy. I'm thankful he will be there to help me. His knowledge is amazing. I plan on bringing a few modern technologies and business ideas into it but for the most part what he is doing works. There are not many shops like his around any more. I only want to help it become stronger and help it last another 30 years.

So what will happen with the cart you ask? I love my hot dog cart. Ill be using it as a table in my living room. Just kidding, I plan on giving it a stationary place in front of our shop in NJ. It's in a great location where several highways meet and I think it'll do real well there. You think NJ can handle it Little Rock?

I'm going to miss Little Rock. It's been a wonderful place to me. You've lifted me up and supported me in ways I could never imagine. I've made many friends and plan on doing my best to keep them. I plan on leaving here with an Arkansas state outline tattoo that has a hot dog over the Little Rock area and wearing it proudly forever.

I'm kinda getting choked up while writing this so let me stop on that note and just say

Thank you so much Little Rock. You truly do rock and will always be near and dear to my heart. See you out on the streets this January. Please come buy a hot dog or three and say hello and/or wish me luck on my journey.

I love you. Mean it.