Hot Ride, Hot Check


A Massachusetts man recently searched the name of a Hot Springs man online and found several Seven-On-Your-Side stories about him.

Unfortunately he did his research after the fact... and after his bank account took a hit.

the calendar year has changed, but it seems the business dealings of a hot springs auto mechanic are no different. he is still dabbling in jaguars and still making people angry.

In 2013 we introduced you to a Magnolia doctor who trusted Troy Muncrief to sell his vintage Jaguar at auction...only to helplessly watch as Muncrief kept all the money from the sale.

And we introduced you another man who told the same story...Muncrief sold his vintage Jaguar at auction and pocketed the proceeds.

Last month a Massachusetts company...Able Transport...delivered a green 2004 Jaguar XJ6 from Connecticut to Hot Springs after the transporter says Muncrief bought it on eBay.

Muncrief paid Daniel Shem, the transporter, with a check.

That check failed to clear the bank.

"I would like to have Mr. Muncrief do the right thing and stand up and pay the money that he owes me and maybe any other person that he owes money," Mr. Shem told us during a telephone interview. "And hopefully just shed some light for in the future...anybody who is going to have a transaction with Mr. Muncrief should be more careful and know that he is not a man to trust in terms of business transactions."

We left a message for Troy Muncrief this afternoon and his wife Cindy returned the call about an hour ago.

She says a cashier's check has been sent to Daniel Shem and that Shem should receive it as soon as January 11th.

She asked us not to report her husband's latest misstep but we explained that when you owe people tens of thousands of dollars the benefit of the doubt is gone.

Air date: Jan. 10th, 2014