Hot Spring County Case Updates

We have two Seven-On-Your-Side updatesboth out of Hot Spring County.

One will soon be resolved.

Questions linger about the other.

Before Terri Hayes closed her consignment store "New 2 You" in downtown Malvern, the owner of the building says Hayes all but cleared it out.

Last week we found Hayes at the storage facility where she rents two units and stores lots of stuff.

"Why did you take any of it out?"

"Because I needed to go ahead and close the store and I wanted to take anything I could to get back to the people that I could. I thought I still had time to get stuff back to everybody," Hayes told us last week.

But Brittney Johnson says she hasn't gotten her stuff back.

In fact, she found a pair of her son's shoes that she had trusted Terri Hayes to sell advertised for sale on Craigslist for $20.00. .

"She seems very desperate it seems to me to keep our stuff so that she can get money or whatever she is trying to get from it," says Johnson.

We also told you last week about another controversy in Hot Spring County.

The tiny town of Perla ordered pagers from a blind businessman in Pine Bluff and had failed to pay the bill.

We met with town clerk/treasurer Johnnie Willis at her home. She showed us a check, signed by the mayor and approved by the council, that is now in the mail heading for Steven Tidwell.

"The mayor called a special meeting," says Willis. "It takes five to make a full quorum. We had a quorum of four and they all voted unanimously to go ahead and purchase the pagers."

And in one other updatea Money Co. USA customer called to inform us she has now received her long-delayed tax refund.

Air date: February 27th, 2012