Hot Spring County Search For Escapee

The hunt continues for a career criminal who escaped from custody Wednesday afternoon. Rodney Adkins, 36, had just been sentenced to another ten-year sentence when he escaped from deputies and made a run for it.

He is described as a five-foot-eleven white male, weighing 188 pounds with several tattoos including a naked woman on his back, as well as lightning bolts on his left forearm and a swastika on his right ankle.

Hot Spring County deputies, plus local and state police and the Department of Correction are all searching for him. Adkins has been dangerous his entire adult life. He's racked up so many felonies that he was already serving a 136 year sentence at Tucker Prison.

"It's not his first rodeo and he's got nothing to lose," said Hot Spring Chief Deputy Aaron Collier.

A deputy transported Adkins from court to the Hot Spring County Jail around 2 p.m. where he quickly went from incarcerated felon to fugitive. He slipped out an open sally port while the deputy was unlocking a side door at the jail.

Law enforcement officials have been scouring the area ever since. They searched in the skies with aircraft, on the roads with barricades and even in the woods with dogs, but so far no luck.

"My officers are doing the best they can," Collier said. "We are doing everything possible to get him back in our custody."

Police believe Adkins is still on foot. They found his handcuffs about a mile from the Hot Spring County Jail in a rock pit. Investigators do not believe he is armed but Adkins is considered dangerous.

Chief Deputy Collier says after they'll investigate the incident to see if there were any mistakes made by the sheriff's office prior to the escape.