Hot Springs couple reunites with cat nearly one year later

HOT SPRINGS (KATV)--Truly a miracle, a local Hot Springs couple is reunited with their cat nearly one year after she ran away in Alabama.

The Tuckers were staying at a campground on vacation and it's there where Mia, their cat, ran away.

This story is incredible and it's all thanks to a stranger that Mia was found and is back home.

Mia's journey began in March 2013 when the Tuckers headed down to Georgia for their grandson's graduation. Accompanied by their other cat Missy, the Tuckers stayed across the river in Alabama, the night they arrived... Mia went missing.

"I put her in the room, walked out, when I started to get Missy, Mia walked out the screen door and it was pitch dark there," said Bill Tucker.

Mia had walked out of this cabin through a broken screen door. The Tuckers quickly searched for Mia, even canceling plans for the next several days. They eventually had to leave the campgrounds, but the search was not over.

"In May we bought a new pickup truck and a new camper and took off after her to find her, we were going to stay as long as it took," added Tucker.

Despite search efforts, still no Mia, but what they did have was a complete stranger who had seen the Tucker's ads in the local paper and was willing to help find Mia.

"I spoke with her, she was just so distraught over losing her cat, and I'm a pet person, love cats and dogs and I said well you know I can help you, I'm not that far from the location," said Alabama resident Cheryle Nevels.

It was last Thursday when Nevels spotted Mia under a cabin just two doors down from where the Tuckers had stayed.

"When I saw those beautiful eyes I said this is 90 percent, I'm 90 percent sure this is the cat," said Nevels. "I was so happy," she added.

When the Tuckers drove down to get Mia, they still questioned if it was her. {}However, they said that as soon as Mia walked in the house, knew where her food was and played in the bathroom sink they knew it was her.