Hot Springs home invasion victim dies

(KATV) A Hot Springs man has died after being shot in his home. His elderly mother is recovering from a gunshot wound.

What the suspects likely did not know is that the exterior of the home has security cameras.

At about midnight Wednesday, camera's captured two men walking up to a home on Illinois Road in Hot Springs. One suspect is holding a gun behind his back as he bangs on the door. After about a minute he kicks the door in. As the second man walks in, he is visibly carrying a gun by his side. They're only inside for about 15 seconds, the infrared camera catches the heat from the shots before they run out.

Corporal McCrary Means with the Hot Springs Police Department says, "Their faces are covered. One of the suspects has on a wide brim hat so you're unable to see their faces at all."

But Hot Springs detectives hope someone recognizes them by how they walk, the way they're built, maybe even by what they're wearing. Corporal Means adds, "I don't think it was a random home, I think it was isolated to this one home."

Friends of the family say, 34-year old Michael Spinks, known as "Big Mike" was well known in the community and played drums at church. They says his elderly mom is in shock, she's recovering at a hospital. Friends say grandchildren were in the home and Spinks mom was in bed, when she was shot.

Corporal Means says, "Luckily they did have surveillance cameras at their home so it's going to help out a lot."

He says more homeowners are using security cameras, even hunting motion cameras that can cost less than $100. The images can really help detectives.

The police department has not received leads yet. They're offering a $500 reward for information. People are scared. Friends and family didn't want to talk on camera out of fear. Anyone who calls police at (501) 321-6742 can remain anonymous.

Spinks died Thursday, May 2. It is the city of Hot Springs 4th homicide of 2013.