Hot Springs named one of the most romantic cities in America

Hot Springs is being called the tenth most romantic city.

The website Livabilitysays the city's postcard scenery, restaurants and hiking trails make it theperfect spot for couples. Plus hotels, spas, and traditional bath houses letvisitors soak in the naturally heated mineral spring waters.

"Withthis list, we specifically looked for smaller, more 'intimate' destinations,where couples can enjoy all the city's romantic amenities without having tofight crowds," said John Hood, spokesman. "But we also chosecities that have a unique appeal, whether it be the haunting history ofSavannah or the stunning mountain views in Scottsdale."


Top 10 Romantic Cities1. Scottsdale, AZ

2. Napa, CA

3. Bend, OR

4. Charlottesville, VA

5. Santa Fe, NM

6. Kansas City, MO

7. Savannah, GA

8. Cambridge, MA

9. Coral Gables, FL

10. Hot Springs, AR