Hot Springs restaurant gives free food to gun rights supporters

HOT SPRINGS (KATV) - After weeks of talks surrounding gun laws, the owners of Chicken Express in Hot Springs thought of a unique way to have customers show their support for the Second Amendment while getting a little something in return.

"I was surprised to see it in the paper," said J.R. Cockrell, a new customer to the restaurant. "But I thought it was a fantastic idea," he said.

It's not often you see a deal quite like the one offered at this restaurant. Free food by simply showing your concealed carry permit. It's all part of an effort to make a statement.

"For somebody to come out and say we support the constitution it's good to get behind that and get behind that kind of business," said Tollie Green, also a new customer.

And those somebody's are Bill and Stacey Little, owner's of Chicken Express.

"We're fortunate to have a platform in the community where we're able to get a word out," said Bill.

Stacey says customers were so thankful for the idea behind the promotion that they ended up making much more than they expected.

"We made a little more than what we gave away so that's good," said Stacey.

Some customers could even go without the sweet deal.

"A lot of people wouldn't take the discount so we had the homeless bucket and some of them put their money in that," said Stacey.

Needless to say, many first time customers will be paying the Chicken Express many more visits in the future.

"He's gained a customer," said Cockrell.

The Little said their profits more than doubled after this promotion. They plan on having another one like it in the near future.