Hot Springs Stalemate

An impasse in Hot Springs is leaving an elderly couple anxious every time it rains.

Two years after having a new roof put on their home, Quincy and Della Mae Owens are now putting out buckets to catch water that comes through their ceiling.

And the roofer who did the job says he has no intention on coming back...and says he has a good reason why.

If you drove by the modest home on Mountain View street in Hot Springs the roof looks fine.

But inside you will see water stains on the ceiling. The two year old roof is failing to keep water out when it rains.

"Well it's leaking," says Ms. Owens. "It's leaking inside. I have to set out a bucket to catch the water from coming into my floor."

The Owens hired Scott Hrdlicka's company...Scott's Commercial re-roof their home.

The company has an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau so we were surprised by the poor treatment being alleged by Mr. and Mrs. Owens.

Hrdlicka says he hasn't been paid in full for the job.

He says he is still owed a little over $1,000.00 and that he has no plans to invest more time and money into a job when he is still owed money.

That's why he hasn't fixed the leaks.

For their part, the Owens aren't interested in paying more money to their roofer when their roof leaks.

So nothing is happening...except when it rains.

"Every time it rains you get anxious?"

"Yeah," replies Ms. Owens. "Because I know water is going to run on my floor."

The Owens dispute their roofer's claim that he hasn't been paid in full.

But Hrdlicka faxed us a bank statement that shows the initial check he was paid with failed to clear his bank and an agreement he says Ms. Owens signed where she promised to pay him $100 a month until an $1,100 shortfall was paid.

He says she never did.

Of course with a leaking roof...would you?

Air date: June 26th, 2013