Hot Springs woman who grew up in Majestic Hotel remembers childhood

HOT SPRINGS (KATV) -{}Plumes of smoke continued to rise up from the vacant Majestic Hotel on Friday evening. Residents remember cherished childhood memories. One Garland County woman grew up in the hotel back in the 50's.

Just the sight of the massive structure going up in flames has been overwhelming for many here but as crews slowly worked to tear the building{}down, you could only imagine what it{}must be like to watch your childhood memories literally coming crashing down.

"My husband called and said I've got some bad news. They just had it on TV that the Majestic's on fire," said Lisa Goodwin.

The news spread quickly. The Majestic was ablaze. Everyone heard similar words but reactions varied, Lisa Goodwin's was heartbreakingly unique.

"When they could talk about where it started, they said fifth floor and{}I looked at my husband and said, 'I know where that is,'"said Goodwin.

Goodwin knew the building inside and out, her father was the manager of the hotel for 28 years. From the mid 50's into the early 80's. They lived in a home owned by the hotel just behind it. Proof of that is seen in all of her childhood pictures with some portion of the hotel in it.

"Tears flowing and all my memories started coming back," said Goodwin.

Goodwin and her family spent the holidays at the Majestic with out-of-town guests and every other day she and her friends would roam the halls.

"My friends would come over and they just thought it was just great fun to go all around the hotel and ride the elevator and of course swim in the pool," she said.

The Majestic was her home, then her workplace and up until{}Thursday, a vault of cherished memories of her now deceased father, mother and brother. All of it and more now ashes.

"We probably didn't appreciate it at the time but it was such but it was such a unique part of the Hot Springs history and the Hot Springs experience. there's no way to put a value on that," she said.