House fires sparking up all over state

Arkansas' state chapter of the American Red Cross tells us it's assisting in four to five house fires on a daily basis in Arkansas.

The group is also seeing staggering numbers that show you're more likely to die from a house fire in our state than just about any other.

"Arkansas is in the top five nationally with the number of residential fires, and unfortunately we're number three on the Federal Emergency (Management) Agency's high fire fatality list," said Brigette Williams, a spokesperson with the American Red Cross.

Two fire fatalities happened on Friday as a mother and her toddler died in a Pine Bluff home. Saturday brought another house fire, this time in Little Rock. That fire displaced a family of five, and caused more than $200,00 in damage.

"They're (FEMA) research is showing that the majority of victims are children under 12," Williams added.

This is the time of year when heating and cooking sources cause many fires to start in our homes. Fire officials told us the house fire Saturday came from the homes fire place.

Financial numbers from the Red Cross are proof residential fires continue to be a scare in many of our communities, with an average of $1 million spent in Arkansas alone every year.

"This is the largest investment is in residential fire response. This is our number one disaster response," Williams confirmed. "Most people think it's tornados or hurricanes, but it's actually home fires."

You can find out ways to protect your home and family from a fire through the U.S. Fire Administration web site: