House given to woman of faith

About a month ago we introduced you to Debbie Nelson, a Hot Springs woman who never let her circumstances get in the way of her faith.

When her one and only daughter died of Cystic Fibrosis, Debbie said "God is good."

When doctors told her she had cancer and only had weeks to live, she said "God is good."

And when her own home burned to the ground in January, Debbie clung to her faith and said "God is good."

And now Debbie's faith is being lived out through others -- an Arkansas couple saw the story about Debbie and wanted to help.

"Thanks to Joe Spadoni and Cindy Spadoni we have a home given to us and a multitude of God's angels here on Earth helping us rebuild it and restore it and it's just unbelievable," said Debbie Nelson.

Not only a home, but volunteers from around the state are building Debbie and her husband a screened in deck, landscaping, and best of all, a craft room where Debbie can continue her card ministry, for which she is well known.

"Like I always say, God is good and he's good all the time. And it's getting better. Every day is a new blessing and miracle. It's really a miracle," said Debbie.

Debbie says although they don't have a lot of money, she plans to spend the rest of her life trying to pay it forward with her time, love, and faith.

"We're so humbled and grateful for everyone. For the money, support, the clothing, furniture. We've got all the furniture donated. There's just no way to say thank you enough."

To see our previous story on Debbie, see the video above.

Click here to find out more information on how to help.