Household items needed for tornado victims in temporary housing

(KATV)-A warehouse has been set up at 1800 Sturgis road in Conway to field the thousands of physical donations for the tornado victims. A spokesperson handing the donations says there are items they no longer need and many other items needed as the victims begin to move into temporary housing."They're going to be transitioning to the weeks where they are finding a home, they are finding an apartment or a trailer, when they do that, they say, well we don't have things, it costs so much money," said Lavida Whitson of Arkansas Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.She says they're getting requests for household items like dishes, silverware, towels, sheets and small appliances.{}"You remember when you were a married and everyone would give you all those gifts? They're almost in the same spot, they're not newlyweds but they still need the same basic supplies and equipment to set up their new home," Whitson said.{}Friday, Maumelle High School students held a donation drive, but before doing so, they asked Faulkner County officials what was needed."They sent us a list and that's what we're targeting is what's on the list, said Denise Jenkins, a Maumelle High School teacher, "Quite a few people stopped by early this morning and picked up a list to see what we needed."Even though donations are very welcomed, Whitson says the best donation that can be made is gift cards so that donors are not spending money on items that are no longer needed.To find out how to drop off donations, call the warehouse at 501-366-3936 or take any donation to{}1800 Sturgis road in Conway.{}