How long does your child ride the bus?

(KATV)-A survey of state school districts released by the Arkansas Department of Education and the Bureau of Legislative Research shows the amount of time students ride school buses in the state. The longest route traveled by students ranged from 3 minutes, all the way to 2 hours and 47 minutes, while the average time riding on a bus is 49 minutes."It's some very alarming or stunning information we're getting, but we must use it in the best way possible in order to achieve the success we expect," said state Rep. Reginald Murdock. Murdock passed a bill in the last legislative session requiring the report and review of the bus information in order to determine whether to establish a maximum amount of time a student should be allowed to travel on a bus. "This was just a preliminary study just to get the information out in front of them," said Mike Hernandez, of the Arkansas Department of Education. For example, in Huntsville, Ark. a student could ride as much as an hour and a half on a bus. Their buses cover 757 square miles, going 2,200 miles a day on 22 bus routes. Some children are picked up as early as 5:50 a.m. "That's why we wanted to bring it forth, get real data and so when we come back in januJanuarycan address it properly," Murdock said. The survey looked at the cost of imposing a maximum amount of time a student could be on a bus, with many districts responding that a 90 minute time limit would cost them $2.6 million dollars. The survey asked schools about reducing that time limit from 80 minutes, 70 minutes, 60 minutes, and 50 minutes by the 2018-2019 school year. Many districts responded that could cost as much as $25.18 million dollars. "That's to be considered, you really want a minimum, as least as possible because, here's the concept, the least time on a bus, the more time in a classroom and that's what we're trying to achieve," Murdock said.