How many Hog freshmen will play this year?

FAYETTEVILLE (KATV) - This time next week, the Hogs will be on the practice field. One big question heading into fall practice is how many freshmen will play this season.

At a press conference Tuesday, Bret Bielema told reporters they will play "as many as we think can help us win."

He said that while a lot of people think the biggest challenge for freshmen is developing their physical ability, most of the time it's the mental transitions that can hold them back.

"How can they handle coaches getting on them? How can they handle the academic changes they're going through? How can they handle they're not at home, mom isn't washing their clothes, getting them up every morning. How do they handle being a man in a new environment?"

According to Las Vegas odds, Alabama is an even money choice to win the next SEC championship. Georgia is next at 7-2, then it's South Carolina at 9-2, the Aggies at 15-2 and Florida and LSU are both at 9-1. The Hogs are in a three-way tie at 75-1 odds.