How to comfort a sick baby

      By Leah Rocketto

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      Help baby feel better with these mom-tested tricks.

      "When my son's feeling really bad, he likes to cuddle and have his back rubbed until the Motrin kicks in." -- LDriscoll

      "Steam from a shower does the trick." -- AKay

      "Eucalyptus aromatherapy oil has always worked wonders!" -- SQusic

      "Swaddling is my go-to solution. That, combined with lot of skin-on-skin contact really calms my daughter." -- KThomas

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      "I make sure to suck the snot of baby's nose. It works." -- TDoby

      "Lots of rocking and singing. I always modify the words to lullabies to make it more personal. That always makes her smile." -- MChiaradio

      "If he has a fever, a tepid bath, popsicles and cold liquids help a lot. In general, I lay with him on my chest and rub his pack while he sucks on a pacifier." -- HShott

      "A good humidifier is key." -- DGoldman

      "If she's congested and can't breathe, I hold her upright to help the air flow. Also, I find myself saying yes to more. Popsicle at 10am? Sure! I'm a total softie when it comes to sick kids!" -- SGuyton

      "A vapor bath followed by a saline rinse. And lots of cuddles." -- CPoland


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