Hoxie residents still worried about returning to their homes

500 people were forced to evacuate from their homes Sunday after two Union Pacific freight trains collided in Hoxie.

Although residents were cleared to go back to their homes, many are worried about the safety of returning.

Wilda Armstrong and her family live across the street from where the collision happened.

Armstrong said her niece and her niece's husband were the first on the scene. While Armstrong's niece called 9-1-1, her husband ran to the wreckage and rescued some workers.

"Her husband climbed those engines to help two of those conductors out," said Armstrong.

Other residents that were evacuated from their homes are still not pleased with the lack of information they have received.

Hoxie resident Scott Spradling said the community thrives on the train system so residents should know more.

"Trains run too and trains run across all night long and we got to know what's going on and if we going on," said Spradling.

KATV will continue to provide updates as they become available.