Huckabee 2016? He's praying about it

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Mike Huckabee told a group of pastors at a meeting in Little Rock that only God can decide if he should run for president in 2016.

Several people with knowledge of Huckabee's decision making told Channel 7 News he is praying about running.

A pastor at the conference who heard Huckabee speak last night said Huckabee gave a rousing speech and received a question about a 2016 candidacy right away.

"The first question he was asked was whether or not he was running for president and he said he'd let the Lord decide," said Warren Watkins, pastor of Westside Baptist Church.

Another pastor at the conference said Huckabee's appearance in front of evangelical leaders is important.

"I think most of the evangelical pastors are already behind him, but I thought this was a great event for him to do that probably," said David Insell, pastor of Believer's Community Church.

A source confirmed to Channel 7 News that while Huckabee was in town, he met with a small group of pastors and political leaders from Iowa and South Carolina while in town. Support from both of those states are important for a presidential run.

Alice Stewart, Huckabee's press secretary on his 2008 campaign and current host of the Alice Stewart Show on The Voice 96.5 says money is an important factor in his decision.

"Well money is huge factor and in '08 we learned that's important to have message, it's important to have the right messenger, but it's just as important if not one of the most critical aspect is to have money," Stewart said. "In 2012 at the end of the day, he said after thoughtful prayer and consideration this wasn't the right time. God didn't give him the nudge in that right direction and that's the same with it, this time. You have to have all the cards in place."

Another Huckabee alum, Hogan Gidley, says Huckabee has a strong movement now who are encouraging him to run.

"A lot of people felt like Mike Huckabee should have been the nominee in back in 2008. He's obviously very popular. A poll just came out here in South Carolina that had him in first place. A poll came out in Iowa that said the same thing," Gidley said.

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