Humane Society, volunteers nursing rescued animals back to health

Nearly 100 pets found in and around a White County home are under the care of the Human Society of the United States and volunteers after a rescue.

All of the animals were malnourished, timid and most living in their own feces.

This is a case of animal hoarding where humane society members tell me the pets barely had the necessary means to live -- that is until now.

Humane society workers and volunteers arrived down a dirt road in White County on Friday to find dogs, cats and four different mother dogs nursing puppies.

"This is definitely a large-scale animal rescue. It's not the biggest that we've done, it's not the smallest that we've done. It's a pretty common occurrence," Jennifer Kulina-Lanese with the HSUS.

Kulina-Lanese is helping look after the animals which are now located at the Saline County Humane Society. She added that many of the cats and dogs they located were in a desperate situation.

"We found a lot of animals that were dehydrated, and that we needed to give emergency fluids on scene to them," she said.

"Also animals that were kept inside, where the ammonia levels were so high, that they were suffering from eye infections and respiratory distress."

At least 70 dogs were rescued, some from days to years old. In the upcoming weeks all of them will be looking for a new home.

"Once they are in their top health then we get to start the really fun process of placing them with our emergency placement partners, and helping them find their forever-homes."

At least 13 volunteers from neighboring states and Arkansas are helping care for the animals, which they expect to be adoptable in about 10 days.

So far, all the cats have been spayed and neutered, and Tuesday the dogs will go through the same process.

If you would like information on how to adopt any of the animals, contact the Saline County Humane Society at (501) 557-5518.