Hundreds abandon vehicles following winter storm, towed by city

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Formany, Friday night's snowstorm was just too much for driving.{} Hundreds of drivers abandoned their vehicleson parkways, side roads and interstates.{}It left tow-truck operators with a very busy Saturday, collecting thosevehicles and digging them out of ditches.

Streets like ChenalParkway, Cantrell Road, I-630 and plenty of others seemed like parking lotswhere instead of attempting to climb Little Rock hills they left their cars bythe side of the road and went to seek shelter.

On Kanis Road, one manattempted getting up the hill but ended up getting stuck in a ditch withseveral other cars instead.

"The front wheel slid offwhere the back end was still kind of out in the road," said the owner of theMercedes-Benz off the in the ditch.

Several people left noteson their cars, some even wrote "help me" in the snow that had accumulated ontheir cars.{} The help came in the form oftow-trucks on Saturday.

"It could be a quick haul,a fifteen minute hookup or 20-30 minutes for something like this for a wenchout in bad weather," said Michael Tombs, tow truck operator for Asher WreckerServices.

Tombs was on the jobstarting at 7:00 AM, on his fifth tow of the day by about 3:00 PM.{}

"The tow truck companiesare overwhelmed with all the calls coming in," said Tombs.

The calls weren't just forthose who called for tow-service.{} Formany who abandoned their cars a tow-truck was called for them by the LittleRock Police Department.

Tombs said a tow out of aditch will generally set you back about $150.{}

Those who abandoned theircars and had them towed by the city, the cars are available at the Little RockVehicle Storage Facility at 3313 J.E. Davis Drive.{} The city says they will not be charging a feefor storing the car, nor is there a fee to remove the car from impound.{}

If you abandoned yourvehicle you can call to see if it's there at (501) 918-4260.