Hundreds attend women's rights rally at Capitol

Hundreds turned out for a women's rights rally at the State Capitol.
Supporters met at the Capitol steps with the message: "Politics have no place in the private health care decisions of a woman, her family and her doctor."
Many people brought signs expressing their views.
Organizers said those attending weren't only pro-choice, but pro-women's reproductive rights.
Lawmakers recently passed the nation's most stringent anti-abortion measure.
The law prohibits most abortions after 12 weeks or when a fetal heartbeat can be detected using and abdominal ultrasound.
Opponents of the law have promised a lawsuit, saying the new law is unconstitutional and in conflict with Roe v. Wade.
"We just wanted to come together and bring our voices together and say this is not right," said Holly Barron. "We're citizens of this state too. We're just as equal as you and we deserve freedom and autonomy over our reproductive health and to make those private decisions with our family, with our faith and with our doctors, not with politicians."
Around 800 people attended, according to organizers.