Hundreds of students leaving Little Rock School District

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Officials say that in the past five years the district's numbers have dropped by more than 700 students. Thursday night the school board met to talk about why students are leaving.

"Where did our students go, and we're going to attempt to play with that this evening," said Dr. Morris Holmes, Superintendent for the Little Rock School District.

The Little Rock School District did indeed play with that question. They tried and struggled to come up with a good reason behind the lost of 770 students. There were many, the most obvious one was drop outs.

"Individual parents should see that they keep their youngsters in school get them enrolled early stay in school," said Dr. Holmes.

The district reported most of the losses were in high school with 606 students leaving the district.

"First of all you got to show up that means you got to be enrolled and secondly you got to attend and stay attentive high school graduation is hard work," said Dr. Holmes.

And it seemed there is enough hard work to go around. The amount of students leaving the district has only increased since 2008. It started off with only 11 the first year to 454 students leaving this year alone.

"It is quite obvious that there is hard work in being very astute and there is no time to play games anymore," said Dr. Holmes.

At this point the district says they will work to figure out how to address the decrease in their numbers.

"First of all is to try to really make some sense of it, our job is to try and do better thank we're doing," said Dr. Holmes

Other reasons the district gave for the decrease in numbers are students going to charter schools, private schools or moving away.

The elementary schools did see an increase of 230 students. The goal is to get them all the way through to high school and have them graduate. Which is what the district is working on.